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2011-01-28 07:15:37 by TheBigLemon

Have you ever woken up in your own bed, the place you sleep every night, and nothing felt right? Your room, that you spend every day in, seems foreign to you. Your belongings and furniture, the same ones that you've had your whole life, seem like you've never laid eyes on them before. Everything is exactly how and where you left it, and yet nothing is right. Everything is wrong. Everything in your world seems like a lie.

This feeling normally passes. It's normally caused by sleeping on the wrong side of the bed, or even spending an extended time outside of your house. A vacation or a family visit. You unfamiliarize yourself from your hole, so it becomes foreign and distant. Nothing seems real. The room, your home, that you've spent years building with your shit suddenly seems like it isn't yours anymore. It's still all of your shit, but goddamn if it doesn't feel like someone else's.

Generally one will glance around the room, panic, and slowly realize that they are safe in their own beds. Normally they'll laugh it off or just go back to sleep, depending on the time. No one makes a fuss about it, but we've all experienced it at least once. It can be a terrifying experience, waking up and feeling lost. Waking up in a place so strange but so familiar. The place you know the best, and you can't find the bathroom.


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2011-01-28 13:29:32

I stopped reading at "Have you ever woken up...".

This is all just a dream. A horrible dream, which I am finding harder to wait for the end of.
Nice user pic, though.


2011-03-04 05:39:49

Are you serious or is this just for writing?


2011-03-27 04:30:36

We have to go deeper.


2012-02-08 22:59:04

Zac don't be gay.